Transcription and Dictation Solutions

Digital Dictation

Digital Dictation encompasses a wide variety of devices and products. Almost any device that can record digital audio can be interfaced with our web-hosted transcription management application and serve as a dictation acquisition source.

The flexibility of the system allows the telephone, digital recording devices, cell phones, and even the PC to be used. Existing enterprise dictation systems can also be interfaced with our application, allowing automated transfer.

Echo Documentation Solutions provides automated voice transfer and extraction software to securely automate the processing of voice file transfer from the client to our application ensuring that HIPAA compliance is maintained.


Moving information between disparate systems without compromising workflow automation requires specialized interfacing and systems integration. Echo Documentation Solutions offers expedient development of custom solutions to help you interface with most Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems. Echo Documentation Solutions can also import audio from most legacy dictation systems and accepts ADT feeds in numerous formats including XML, EDI and HL7.

Speech Recognition

Echo Documentation Solutions uses the latest speech recognition applications to offer increased accuracy and productivity in the transcription process.

Speech recognition provides a distinct advantage to transcription operations by increasing the volume of work that can be processed. Since the role of the transcriptionist transitions to the role of editor with the use of speech recognition technology, there are immediate benefits to workflow and productivity.

Through strategic partnerships with industry leaders in speech recognition, Echo Documentation Solutions has integrated speech recognition products into its workflow to provide advanced offerings in transcription productivity.

Electronic Signature

Electronic signature offers streamlined and expedited workflow with enhanced security and verification. The Echo Documentation Solutions integrated e-signature software within the transcription management application is permissions-driven to enforce credibility and supports versioning so all documents can be audited for integrity. All documents created within the Echo Documentation Solutions system retain signature authority when moved outside of the system.