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Cloud EMR - Electronic Medical Records Solutions

Along with traditional transcription, Echo Documentation Solutions offers speech recognition and EMR-based documentation services and technologies. Beyond a top national ranking by KLAS, we have the network, technology and expertise to help clients of any size in identifying their needs and appropriate solutions, including the most recent federal "Meaningful Use" requirements.

With the Echo Documentation Solutions Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, we support narrative dictation by delivering results directly into your EMR, which means less time spent documenting patient encounters, consults and assessments and more time for quality, personalized patient care.

EMR Transcription Services - Online Medical Transcription

With Echo Documentation Solutions you can finally build the ideal electronic medical record or electronic health record solution for your practice. Our suite of professional services including online medical transcription makes it easy for you to enhance productivity, lower cost and finally go paperless.

And our cloud EMR electronic medical records allow you to do it all faster than using other more complex EMR systems.

Our primary goal is to become your strategic partner whether you're a specialist handling EMR for a single patient or you're a practitioner handling health-related information for your patients. Our approach to Cloud EMR electronic medical records easily integrates audio to text and voice capture and online medical transcription workflow.

Comprehensive Solutions for your Practice

We recognize that physicians often choose dictation for reporting on patient data in order to save time. Our system provides simplified audio to text conversion while also offering online medical transcription as another solution.

Our online medical transcription services include time-saving options for physicians and their staff, including esigning, 24-7 access to information, complete integration with coding/billing functionality and comprehensive reporting capabilities.

Discover our strict approach to HIPAA compliance or contact us today to request a free estimate for online medical transcription.