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Business and Corporate Transcription Services

Echo Documentation Solutions will deliver your accurate, high quality transcripts on time and in your preferred format. Don't let your office fall behind on important duties — let Echo Documentation Solutions help your company save money and improve productivity.

Corporate Transcription Services

For a corporation bent on improving efficiency and reducing cost, Echo Documentation Solutions can help you get there. There's no need to purchase special equipment or assign employees to special transcription projects. We can seamlessly integrate into your workflow and deliver piece of mind while you keep your employees on more critical tasks.

Lectures, Meetings, and Conferences - It's not uncommon for meetings and conferences to turn into a flurry of ideas and topics, even with a specific agenda. Don't let great ideas get lost in the exchange of countless meetings. Our business transcription services are provided by professionals with decades of combined experience in transcription involving multiple speakers. You'll get accurate transcriptions of every meeting, every time, with a rapid turnaround.

Interviews and Investigations - From staff interviews to HR investigations, our trained professionals offer the most accurate transcriptions, handled with security and confidentiality in mind to protect your business interests and data.

Teleconferences and Phone Calls - Audio recordings can be easily transcribed on the fly for every discussion including teleconferences with remote workers and contractors, vendors, business partners and more.

Manuals, Reports, and Other Projects - Whatever the need, our corporate transcription specialists are on call for you. Even if you have last minute reports that absolutely must be completed quickly, our STAT turnaround guarantee can get your transcripts back to you in a hurry.

Discover the difference our experience makes in online transcription. Contact us today for a free estimate on business transcription services.