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Overcome Challenges in Workers Compensation Transcription

worker compensation transcriptionFrom insurance transcription to corporate, legal and medical transcription, each has its own unique challenges based on what the transcriber is listening to. Each has its own requirements such as the depth of what is recorded.

Workers compensation transcription is a more challenging subset because it’s not just facts, figures and technical data. Workers comp claims typically revolve around injured (sometimes seriously) employees, and distraught families.

In some cases these claims run into processing issues where they become a legal matter. Because of this, it’s important to choose a professional online transcription service that overcomes common challenges appearing during the workflow process.

The Emotional Challenge – Getting the Right Information

Transcripts for workers comp claims can contain detailed information surrounding traumatic events. While one shouldn’t block out the sensitive nature of these occurrences or turn off their compassion, professional transcribers must be able to focus on the important information without getting caught up or distracted by the humanity of the individual claim. Doing so could result in critical, subtle details that are easy to miss.

Getting Accurate Transcripts

Because workers comp claims are sometimes carried into legal proceedings, accuracy is very important. This can sometimes be a challenge due to the extensive details, investigations and long-winded recounting of events by the employee(s) in question as well as witnesses and other staff. Omitting even small details could dramatically alter the outcome of a claim, as could working with an overseas transcription service that misinterprets context and doesn’t have a grasp on the nuances of American English.

Rapid Completion of Workers Compensation Transcripts

Speed is a gamble with a large number of online transcription services. While an organization or agency might understand the need for a rapid turnaround, many transcription services see it as just another order unless it’s specifically ordered as STAT. Workers comp claims are often time sensitive, so working with a service that provides a guaranteed rapid turnaround is critical to overcome this challenge. Otherwise the employee(s) and their family could be left waiting for much-needed compensation.

Don’t Let Transcription Get in the Way of Claim Processing

Echo Documentation Solutions specializes in insurance transcription services, providing faster, less expensive and more accurate digital transcription services. Contact us today to discover how Echo Documentation Solutions can help you overcome common challenges in processing claims without breaking your budget.

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Clean vs. Normal Transcription for Insurance Claims

transcription, insurance transcriptionTranscription comes in a variety of forms – it’s not as simple as recording what is said.  When outsourcing insurance transcription services it’s important to understand which type of service is most appropriate for the individual interview or statement.

Clean Insurance Transcription

A clean insurance transcription is the process of typing out the essence or context of what is being said in an interview or claim rather than the entirety of what is being said.

Essentially the transcript is edited to remove filler or fluff, false starts, interruptions, noises, and other items deemed irrelevant to the investigation.

An example would be this original recorded dialog- “Well, I uh..  I um was at the light.  And this guy, I think it was a guy, came speeding through the…. uh… the red.  I ‘m sure it was red because mine just switched to green.  And he… you know just as I started to go… he swerved and smashed in the side of my car… the left side, back here… back by my door on the driver’s side.”

A clean transcription of the same claim investigation could be:  “I was at the light and this guy came speeding through the red light as my light switched to green.  As I started to go, he swerved toward my car and smashed into my car near the back door on the drivers’ side.”

Normal Insurance Transcription

Normal transcription captures every bit of detail for an interview or statement as it is recorded.  This includes all false starts, noises, coughing, nuances in tone, interruptions, side conversations that are audible, repeated words and other speech/sounds that occur during the recording.

In the above example, the original recording would be transcribed exactly as it takes place.  If the individual being interviewed were to cough, stutter, chuckle or hesitate for a long period then this information would be recorded.

For an insurance claim investigation, a normal insurance transcription would be more appropriate.  Even subtle changes in tone, delays and repeated statements could aid in processing a claim.  For example, a repeated statement that changes even slightly over the course of an investigation could lead to the discovery of a false or misleading claim.

When outsourcing insurance transcription, it’s important to work with transcription services capable of accurately capturing the full detail of claims investigations, statements and interviews.

Accurate Transcription, Guaranteed

Echo Documentation Solutions is a national dictation and transcription solutions and technology provider making transcription faster, less expensive and more accurate.  Contact us today to discover how Echo Documentation Solutions’ insurance transcription services can help you improve the quality and accuracy of your claim investigation workflow.

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