Why Outsourcing Transcription Overseas Could be Bad for Business

transcription outsourcingTranscription services including medical transcription and legal transcription are big business. It’s a service needed by countless industries and corporations, which has resulted in a boom of overseas agencies offering extremely cheap transcription.

These services, based in countries like India and Pakistan, offer affordable transcription due to the much lower cost of living in these regions. Unfortunately, with the lower rates comes lower quality – among other issues.

Certain industries can be easily outsourced to other regions in the world. For example, regardless of the native tongue programming languages are constant. Computer hardware and software development, coding, graphic design, web design, engineering – these all use universal languages. Transcription, involving American English, is far more difficult to outsource to a region where American English is not the native tongue.

Spending Time and Labor on Corrections – When transcription services are outsourced overseas, it’s not uncommon for a company to have to work with an editor or assign staff to make corrections. In fact, it can take on average four times longer to edit and process a script from a non-native speaker than with a transcript from a native English speaker.

The main reason is due to the fact that a non-native speaker simply doesn’t have the ear for the nuances of American English, or an understanding of the culture and context of the dialogue.

Security Concerns – When working with US based transcription services, an organization can be certain that they’re employing strict practices for the security of data as well as regulatory compliance (such as HIPAA). When utilizing overseas transcription there’s no guarantee that data will be secured, or that confidential information including data related to legal transcription and patient records remains private.

When privacy is compromised there’s always the potential for having to pay damages, fines or worse.

When working with US based transcription services for corporate, legal and even insurance transcription an organization can rest assured they’re getting the most accurate transcription. They will never have to deal with cultural or linguistic issues, and the final transcription follows formatting standards specific to the United States.

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