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Clean vs. Normal Transcription for Insurance Claims

transcription, insurance transcriptionTranscription comes in a variety of forms – it’s not as simple as recording what is said.  When outsourcing insurance transcription services it’s important to understand which type of service is most appropriate for the individual interview or statement.

Clean Insurance Transcription

A clean insurance transcription is the process of typing out the essence or context of what is being said in an interview or claim rather than the entirety of what is being said.

Essentially the transcript is edited to remove filler or fluff, false starts, interruptions, noises, and other items deemed irrelevant to the investigation.

An example would be this original recorded dialog- “Well, I uh..  I um was at the light.  And this guy, I think it was a guy, came speeding through the…. uh… the red.  I ‘m sure it was red because mine just switched to green.  And he… you know just as I started to go… he swerved and smashed in the side of my car… the left side, back here… back by my door on the driver’s side.”

A clean transcription of the same claim investigation could be:  “I was at the light and this guy came speeding through the red light as my light switched to green.  As I started to go, he swerved toward my car and smashed into my car near the back door on the drivers’ side.”

Normal Insurance Transcription

Normal transcription captures every bit of detail for an interview or statement as it is recorded.  This includes all false starts, noises, coughing, nuances in tone, interruptions, side conversations that are audible, repeated words and other speech/sounds that occur during the recording.

In the above example, the original recording would be transcribed exactly as it takes place.  If the individual being interviewed were to cough, stutter, chuckle or hesitate for a long period then this information would be recorded.

For an insurance claim investigation, a normal insurance transcription would be more appropriate.  Even subtle changes in tone, delays and repeated statements could aid in processing a claim.  For example, a repeated statement that changes even slightly over the course of an investigation could lead to the discovery of a false or misleading claim.

When outsourcing insurance transcription, it’s important to work with transcription services capable of accurately capturing the full detail of claims investigations, statements and interviews.

Accurate Transcription, Guaranteed

Echo Documentation Solutions is a national dictation and transcription solutions and technology provider making transcription faster, less expensive and more accurate.  Contact us today to discover how Echo Documentation Solutions’ insurance transcription services can help you improve the quality and accuracy of your claim investigation workflow.

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Why Transcription is Critical for Insurance Claim Investigation

insurance claim transcriptionBecause of the unique nature of the English language, transcription services become an important part of business when speech is recorded or dictated.  When we transcribe we give direct specification to the pronunciation of words.

If every day spelling reliably indicated the actual pronunciation of words then insurance transcription likely wouldn’t be necessary – but it doesn’t in most cases.  This is due to the fact that spelling in the English language is blatantly irregular.

An example is the English word “write”.  We know that the W must be ignored.  When pronounced, it is identical to “rite” and “right”.  These words, known as homophones, could be misinterpreted if one were merely listening to a recorded insurance claim investigation.  It would be up to the listening to identify the context.

Those processing insurance claims and listening to these investigations have to contend with the ambiguity inherent in a lot of spelling sequences.  Some spellings are entirely ambiguous.  Consider hearing the word “entrance” – is the speaker using the words “entrance” or “entrants”.

Even an individual with an advanced understanding of the English language, such as an employee tasked with insurance transcription in house, could sometimes forget important phonetic rules – even basic ones.  Outsourcing to an insurance claim transcription service provides insurance companies with a professional experienced in phonetic transcription, ultimately producing more accurate transcriptions.  Something that is critical when documentation much be used for financial and legal representation around events that occurred.

This is also why speech recognition and voice to text software should be avoided.  While an affordable solution, there are typically issues with accuracy where phonetics are concerned.  Software does not often understand the context in which a word is used.  It uses algorithms to assume the most appropriate spelling or word based on the speech of the individual.  Speech issues in a recording could lead to improper insurance transcription – which can lead to problems if legal issues arise surrounding a claim.

Get Claims Processed Faster with Outsourcing

Echo Documentation Solutions is a national dictation and transcription solutions and technology provider making transcription faster, less expensive and more accurate.  Contact us today to discover how Echo Documentation Solutions’ insurance transcription services can help you improve the quality and accuracy of your claim investigation transcription.

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The Benefits of Outsourcing Insurance Transcription

insurance transcriptionAn issue that businesses consistently face, especially insurance companies, is that in-house transcription takes up a great deal of time and man power.

While outsourcing insurance claim transcription is a viable option, many organizations are opposed to this based on the assumption that there is a high cost involved.  What they don’t consider is that keeping transcription in-house is far more expensive.

Salaries & Wages

Unless you have an office staffed with unpaid interns, every employee costs money.  Your employees are required to transcribe that data and – depending on the volume – this can lead to overtime depending on claim load.

If your employees are on salary and work extended hours, you can expect a loss of productivity due to burn out.  Employees who work extended hours can’t effectively maintain that pace over the long term.  As a result the quality suffers, or you’re forced to bring on additional staff to cover the additional claim transcriptions.

Management Expenses

You’d like to be able to trust your employees implicitly.  Unfortunately, the work of any employee typically needs at least some sort of review.  Insurance claim transcription requires review for accuracy and must be tracked to ensure they are completed in a timely manner.

For managers, this takes time away from reviewing and managing more critical components of the business.  If you hire individuals specifically for the purpose of reviewing and finalizing insurance transcription then you’re paying higher wages for additional supervisory positions you wouldn’t need if you were outsourcing to insurance transcription services.

Information Technology

Transcription can’t be done accurately without the right technology.  This includes costs such as purchasing equipment, maintaining that equipment (with in-house or outsourced IT professionals), and training employees on the use of specialized hardware and software for transcription.

Overflow and Delays

Every action results in cost, especially delays in processing insurance claims.  It’s not uncommon for delays to force the hand of managers where they hire on help quickly, flail under the backlog, or wind up outsourcing some of the transcription.  However, when that’s done at the last minute with a tight deadline the outsourcing typically costs more to ensure a rapid turnaround.

The Best Alternative

Insurance claims transcription services provide a great service and is one of the primary ways insurance agencies find relief from a heavy work load and tight budgets.  With a quality transcription service, insurance companies see a number of benefits.

  • Improved quality of claim transcription resulting in more accurate processing
  • Reduced man hours among in-house staff
  • Elimination of the need to contract additional staff based on claim volume
  • Reduced delays in transcription due to back logs
  • More productive employees capable of focusing on critical tasks

Get Claims Processed Faster with Outsourcing

Echo Documentation Solutions is a national dictation and transcription solutions and technology provider making transcription faster, less expensive and more accurate.  Contact us today to discover how Echo Documentation Solutions’ insurance transcription services can help you save money and improve employee productivity.

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Saving Time With Digital Dictation Recorders

Digital dictation recorders are very useful for you out in the field.  

And, by simply uploading your files, your reports and claims will be prepared for you by professionals.

If you work as an insurance claims adjuster or in workers’ compensation claims, you know how valuable your time is.  Quite often, you have quotas that must be met, which is challenging when you spend so much time typing information on your computer.  

Many workers’ compensation and insurance claim adjusters have found that using digital dictation recorders as opposed to taking notes by hand is a great way to recover a lot of that time.

digital recorder for insurance adjusters

Completely Accurate Claims

A major concern with taking notes by hand is inaccuracy.  The person you are interviewing might be talking too fast, and you find yourself asking that person to repeat themselves several times.  This is frustrating for both you and the interviewee.  By digitally recording the interview, you can give your full attention to what the person in front of you is saying, without having to worry that you’re missing something in your notes.  You will be able to catch parts of their dialog that might trigger you to ask alternate questions, resulting in a more complete and accurate interview.  

Increase The Number of Claims

Taking notes by hand limits you as to the number of claims you are able to complete in a day. However, by using a digital dictation recorder, you can add several hours each day to the time you spend recording notes and statements.  This allows you to complete more claims in the course of your day and even surpass your quotas.  

Improve Customer Service

Excellent customer service is the goal of every insurance claims adjuster.  Digital dictation allows you to complete your claims quickly, accurately, and efficiently, which speeds the process up for your customers.  Those customers who are pleased with your services will not only remain loyal to you, but they will also pass along your business information to their friends and family.  

Digital dictation recorders are a great tool that will improve the way you are able to do your job.  Your customers will be delighted in the service they receive, and you will be thrilled by not having to spend countless hours in front of a computer.  Your notes and reports will be filed efficiently and your customers will thank you for it. 


Affordable insurance claim transcription services unburden the adjusters

As any adjuster can tell you, the insurance industry can
get overwhelmingly burdensome at times. The rise in claims means more phone
calls, interviews, summary reports and more. Thankfully, professional digital
transcription services that specialize in insurance are available to help
lessen the load.

does digital transcription services help?

Well, if efficiency counts (and it does) adjusters often need
help documenting all the recorded statements and interviews and notes that pile
up when handling a claim. By taking advantage of skilled digital transcription
services to handle some of the volume, adjusters free up more of their time to
do other important tasks, or even jump onto additional claims.

Using patented technology, a good
transcription service provider can deliver professionally prepared reports for:


and phone calls


Casualty, and Liability Reports


Reports relating to Investigations

Reports and more

Digital transcription services are the key to quickly
turning these various (and vital) components of a claim into professional and
tidy reports you can use.

on finding the right transcription service

It’s smart to research any of the digital transcription
services you may want to employ. It’s important to choose one
that has thorough knowledge of the insurance industry. They should know the importance
of both confidentiality and timeliness. Service providers that have been around
a long time probably have more proven experience.

It’s also important to know if a transcription provider can
handle a heavy volume of work without the loss of quality.

When conducting interviews to be transcribed, it is
important to use digital recorders so  if you employ a dictation service to help
you, the interview can be easily uploaded and shared.

You can also provide digital transcription
services a template for a report for them to mimic, so that the transcription
comes back in just the right format. This goes for recorded interviews of
witnesses and all people involved in an incident. By providing a format in which you’d
like all interviews transcribed you can be sure to get consistent, professional
and useable reports back.

Again, don’t let the burden of
transcribing all the recordings you have on a claim weigh you down. Good transcription services are out there. And with just a little research, you can find one that knows the insurance industry…And is ready to meet your needs. 


Claims professionals in today’s insurance industry are facing increased workloads. Not only are numbers of open cases increasing but claims adjusters must also contend with numerous changes in regulations, legislation, and staff reductions. To assist in maintaining control over their caseloads, outsourcing dictation and transcription just may be the key.

Outsourcing dictation and transcription of notes, letters, recorded statemtents, etc. provides…

1. A quick and accurate method of documenting a claim investigation…Dictating is 7 times faster than writing and 5 times faster than typing.

2. Cost savings…reduces overhead expenses such as office space and equipment.

3. Mobility…using handheld digital recorders or toll-free phone-in means you can dictate from anywhere.

Echo Documentation Solutions accommodates clients large and small. Contact us today for a no-obligation free trial.