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Three Steps to Increased Efficiency in Your Insurance Office

When someone files a claim on their insurance policy, it is typically a high-stress situation.insurence They want fast results, and as the claims adjuster, you do too.  There are ways to increase efficiency in your office and work flow to speed up the whole process, allowing you to handle more claims.

Three Ways to Increase Efficiency

  • Embrace Technology onthe Road. Laptops, digital cameras and wireless internet have made it easy for claims adjusters to conduct business from multiple locations in a single day, but technology can still speed up the process. Whether you look into a mobile dispatch service or phone and computer applications that encompass the entire claims process – from statements and photographs to signatures and submissions – there are tech solutions that can make your work go faster.
  • Make Access Easier with Electronic Storage. When it comes to document storage and access, finding a specific sheet of paper in a mountain of papers can be time consuming and annoying. It doesn’t have to be. A digital storage system allows you to type in the name of a document and it’s ready to access. This means fewer hours searching for documents or typing information into multiple forms – just copy and paste when necessary. This type of system also cuts the wait time for documents from one department to another.
  • Outsource Transcription Duties. Notetaking and organization can be very time consuming. During calls or meetings, it also takes your attention away from your client. If you record these meetings and outsource transcription, this allows you to concentrate on your customer. With the right company, you’ll be confident that the transcript of your conversation is accurate and complete, instead of spending hours typing up your notes yourself. Just record your meetings, send them for transcription and move on to the next claim on your list. It’s that fast and easy.

A full-service digital recording and transcription service can speed up your information gathering process significantly. Contact Echo Documentation Solutions for a free quote.

Three Tips for Independent Adjusters to Cut Costs

As an independent claims adjuster, you don’t have an agency with huge resources to fall cost-cuttingback on.In fact, when you factor in your own expenses, pay for independent adjusters can be erratic and a bit nerve wracking. Here are three ways to keep your expenses under control, which will make your life as an independent claims adjuster a bit easier.

Three Steps to Cut Costs

Be as Well Informed As Possible About Claims. No matter what type or types of claims you’re going to handle, it pays to understand what you’re doing and the possible issues and problems that could arise. Not only that, but when you have a solid understanding of the type of claims you’re dealing with, you’ll be able to process them more quickly and complete more claims to increase your success rate. Basically, be as informed and educated about your field as possible.

Lead the Phone Conversation with Claimants. This one kicks in after your claimant has told you the story of what happened. Filing an insurance claim is a stressful experience for the individual on the other end of the phone line. It can help them to give complete information and stay calm when they hear the calm voice of an adjuster who is in control and knows exactly what questions to ask in order to bring about the best outcome for the client.

Consider Hiring Out Some Duties. For an independent adjuster, sometimes the key to success and lower costs is to delegate. When you hire a company for digital transcription services, all you have to do is start the recording and submit it for transcription before moving on to process your next claim. The right transcription company can provide you with copies that are guaranteed accurate.

Keeping costs under control is one factor in a claims adjuster’s success and time is another. Finding a full service transcription company, like Echo Documentation Solutions can help to lessen the stress of working on your own and help you manage your time better.

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Five Tips to Work without a Personal Assistant

dictation transcription servicesIf you’ve worked with a personal assistant (PA) and need to adjust to not having your right-hand person there to help you out, it can be intimidating. There are a few things that you can do to make it easier and help you find your rhythm of working without a PA.

Five Tips to Make Working without an Assistant Easier

Know as Much as Possible.  When you had a personal assistant, you expected that individual to act as your eyes and ears around the company. Now, you’ll have to take on that role.  Gathering information can be as easy as meeting with department heads or having regular staff meetings. End-of-the-day email updates also work well and take less time while you learn how things are going, what’s on their minds and whether they’re finding and dealing with issues or not.

Start Your Day with a Personal Planning Session.  It helps to see what’s going on and to have visual reminders of tasks that you must do.  A prioritized list helps to take some of the pressure away and gives you something to cross off for a sense of accomplishment once a task is done. It also helps you to focus on what’s important in that moment.

Automate Processes with Microsoft Outlook. Bring your IT team in if you don’t know how to work with Outlook. This particular program can help you to filter your email so you’re not spending all day working with email. The program can flag messages to catch your attention or even forward mail to specific individuals without interrupting your work.

Consider Dictation. If you have multiple meetings while you’re working without a personal assistant, recording your meetings and sending them to a company for dictation transcription services can take a time consuming task off of your list. You’ll be able to focus on your meeting, knowing that the recorder is going and you’ll have exact notes soon after.

Dictation is one of those tasks that you can outsource to simplify your workload while you’re not working with a personal assistant. Consider a dictation transcription service that provides certified transcriptions for a range of industries.

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