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Three Ways to Improve Your Meetings

transcription servicesIn many businesses, the announcement of a meeting is often met with expressions of dread and boredom from employees. Meetings get a bad rap as a major waste of time. However, if you get creative, you can make your meetings more fun, focused, and perhaps most important, shorter.

Bring Energy into Meetings

Announce the Meeting in a Fun Way. If people are expecting a straightforward agenda, shake it up a little. Send a tip sheet on “how to survive the meeting” – for example, parody a list like “how to survive a horror movie.”  Send out a “Top Ten Things You Don’t Want to Miss” notice to announce your agenda.

Hold a Standup Meeting and Use Timers.  To keep meetings short and your employees on track, get rid of the chairs and bring in small egg timers. Have a standup meeting every once in a while. People won’t want to stand there forever, so they’ll focus on the information you’re discussing and engage with their coworkers more. You can also use a 2-3 minute timer to move from topic to topic. Some executives have found that imposing a time limit helps to make their employees more creative. Like the standup meeting, the knowledge that they’re limited to 2-3 minutes of discussion per topic can help employees to focus their attention and communicate more clearly.

Get Rid of Notepads and Pens. Instead of having everyone take notes, hire a company that offers recording and transcription services. This will allow your employees to focus, pay attention and remain engaged as you discuss new projects, goals or everyday business.

If you’re looking for recording and transcription services, you’ll want a company that is reliable and offers a quick turnaround. Contact Echo Documentation Solutions today to find out how they can help you get more out of your staff meetings.

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