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Top 3 Benefits of Web Based Digital Dictation for Corporations

digital dictationFor the purposes of dictation, corporations turn to one of two common choices: An in-house individual who transcribes meetings (in person or via conference calls) or they perform digital dictation using a recording device then turn the audio over to an internal individual for transcription.

Web based digital dictation and transcription provides a new approach to getting transcripts of corporate events including meetings, conference calls, promotional events, interviews and more. It’s a process that allows you to quickly transfer your encrypted audio files through the web. A professional service then processes that audio and sends back a clear and accurate transcript.

The Benefit of Web Based Dictation and Transcription

Speed – Web based dictation offers immediate access to quality dictation transcription services. With automated voice transfer and extraction software any audio is instantly transcribed in a digital format, giving you the transcripts you need in a hurry.

Accessibility – Web based dictation transcription means a corporation can access this type of system anywhere there’s an internet connection. Corporate staff no longer need to mail or hand deliver audio files for transcription. This is especially useful when meetings take place abroad and the audio files have to get back to a person to be processed.

Convenience – Convenience is a gateway to efficiency and increased productivity. With fast, web based digital transcription corporate staff can get back on the job faster without lengthy delays in the transcription process. Increase productivity translates to better use of time and labor, so companies save with web based dictation for corporate transcription.

Fast Efficient Corporate Transcription with Web Based Dictation

Echo Documentation Solutions is a national dictation and transcription solutions and technology provider making transcription faster, less expensive and more accurate. Contact us today to discover how Echo Documentation Solutions’ Dictation and Transcription Services can help you save money and improve employee productivity.

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Top Questions to Ask an Insurance Transcription Company

insurance trancriptionOutsourcing transcription services – especially insurance claim transcription services – can take a big load off busy firms. Decreasing the workload improves productivity, frees up staff for more critical items and ultimately saves on labor costs.

But before moving over to outsourced insurance transcription you should always do your due diligence and ask questions to ensure you’re using the right provider.

Question 1: What’s the turnaround time on insurance transcription?

Companies often state they can provide STAT orders within 24 hours for an extra fee but they rarely state on a website or in marketing materials just how long transcription takes without a STAT order. If you need documents turned around quickly on a consistent basis then be sure to ask what the average turnaround time is so you’re not left holding the bag.

Question 2: Can you explain the workflow?

You’re choosing to outsource, so the process is simplified. The last thing you want is to get involved with a transcription company that has a complex workflow and approval process. This approach requires you to work through multiple touch points and spend more time than necessary to turn around individual orders.

Question 3: How is data kept secure?

If you’re dealing with confidential information with insurance transcription, you want to make sure the provider offers state of the art encryption – which means going beyond just emailing completed documents to you when they’re finished.

Question 4: How do you operate?

Does the transcription provider work with in-house staff or are they more of a middle-man that in turn outsources to freelance transcribers? Do they work with next-generation speech recognition software? You want to fully understand who is working with your data, how they handle it, and the channels it passes through before the final transcripts reach you.

Question 5: Are you and your staff based in the US?

Even companies focused on speech recognition and digital transcription still utilize editors to review items before they’re sent to clients. Whether they only use editors or they also have transcribers on staff, you want to make sure they’re US Based. US Based transcription services have a better understanding of the subtle nuances of American English, our culture, tone, and the context of dialogue based on regions throughout the United States.

Ask the Right Questions to Get the Right Transcription Service

Echo Documentation Solutions is a US Based national dictation and transcription company making transcription faster, less expensive and more accurate. Contact us today to discover how Echo Documentation Solutions’ Dictation and Transcription Services can help you save money and improve employee productivity.

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