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Saving Time With Digital Dictation Recorders

Digital dictation recorders are very useful for you out in the field.  

And, by simply uploading your files, your reports and claims will be prepared for you by professionals.

If you work as an insurance claims adjuster or in workers’ compensation claims, you know how valuable your time is.  Quite often, you have quotas that must be met, which is challenging when you spend so much time typing information on your computer.  

Many workers’ compensation and insurance claim adjusters have found that using digital dictation recorders as opposed to taking notes by hand is a great way to recover a lot of that time.

digital recorder for insurance adjusters

Completely Accurate Claims

A major concern with taking notes by hand is inaccuracy.  The person you are interviewing might be talking too fast, and you find yourself asking that person to repeat themselves several times.  This is frustrating for both you and the interviewee.  By digitally recording the interview, you can give your full attention to what the person in front of you is saying, without having to worry that you’re missing something in your notes.  You will be able to catch parts of their dialog that might trigger you to ask alternate questions, resulting in a more complete and accurate interview.  

Increase The Number of Claims

Taking notes by hand limits you as to the number of claims you are able to complete in a day. However, by using a digital dictation recorder, you can add several hours each day to the time you spend recording notes and statements.  This allows you to complete more claims in the course of your day and even surpass your quotas.  

Improve Customer Service

Excellent customer service is the goal of every insurance claims adjuster.  Digital dictation allows you to complete your claims quickly, accurately, and efficiently, which speeds the process up for your customers.  Those customers who are pleased with your services will not only remain loyal to you, but they will also pass along your business information to their friends and family.  

Digital dictation recorders are a great tool that will improve the way you are able to do your job.  Your customers will be delighted in the service they receive, and you will be thrilled by not having to spend countless hours in front of a computer.  Your notes and reports will be filed efficiently and your customers will thank you for it.