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Affordable insurance claim transcription services unburden the adjusters

As any adjuster can tell you, the insurance industry can
get overwhelmingly burdensome at times. The rise in claims means more phone
calls, interviews, summary reports and more. Thankfully, professional digital
transcription services that specialize in insurance are available to help
lessen the load.

does digital transcription services help?

Well, if efficiency counts (and it does) adjusters often need
help documenting all the recorded statements and interviews and notes that pile
up when handling a claim. By taking advantage of skilled digital transcription
services to handle some of the volume, adjusters free up more of their time to
do other important tasks, or even jump onto additional claims.

Using patented technology, a good
transcription service provider can deliver professionally prepared reports for:


and phone calls


Casualty, and Liability Reports


Reports relating to Investigations

Reports and more

Digital transcription services are the key to quickly
turning these various (and vital) components of a claim into professional and
tidy reports you can use.

on finding the right transcription service

It’s smart to research any of the digital transcription
services you may want to employ. It’s important to choose one
that has thorough knowledge of the insurance industry. They should know the importance
of both confidentiality and timeliness. Service providers that have been around
a long time probably have more proven experience.

It’s also important to know if a transcription provider can
handle a heavy volume of work without the loss of quality.

When conducting interviews to be transcribed, it is
important to use digital recorders so  if you employ a dictation service to help
you, the interview can be easily uploaded and shared.

You can also provide digital transcription
services a template for a report for them to mimic, so that the transcription
comes back in just the right format. This goes for recorded interviews of
witnesses and all people involved in an incident. By providing a format in which you’d
like all interviews transcribed you can be sure to get consistent, professional
and useable reports back.

Again, don’t let the burden of
transcribing all the recordings you have on a claim weigh you down. Good transcription services are out there. And with just a little research, you can find one that knows the insurance industry…And is ready to meet your needs.