Three Steps to Increased Efficiency in Your Insurance Office

When someone files a claim on their insurance policy, it is typically a high-stress situation.insurence They want fast results, and as the claims adjuster, you do too.  There are ways to increase efficiency in your office and work flow to speed up the whole process, allowing you to handle more claims.

Three Ways to Increase Efficiency

  • Embrace Technology onthe Road. Laptops, digital cameras and wireless internet have made it easy for claims adjusters to conduct business from multiple locations in a single day, but technology can still speed up the process. Whether you look into a mobile dispatch service or phone and computer applications that encompass the entire claims process – from statements and photographs to signatures and submissions – there are tech solutions that can make your work go faster.
  • Make Access Easier with Electronic Storage. When it comes to document storage and access, finding a specific sheet of paper in a mountain of papers can be time consuming and annoying. It doesn’t have to be. A digital storage system allows you to type in the name of a document and it’s ready to access. This means fewer hours searching for documents or typing information into multiple forms – just copy and paste when necessary. This type of system also cuts the wait time for documents from one department to another.
  • Outsource Transcription Duties. Notetaking and organization can be very time consuming. During calls or meetings, it also takes your attention away from your client. If you record these meetings and outsource transcription, this allows you to concentrate on your customer. With the right company, you’ll be confident that the transcript of your conversation is accurate and complete, instead of spending hours typing up your notes yourself. Just record your meetings, send them for transcription and move on to the next claim on your list. It’s that fast and easy.

A full-service digital recording and transcription service can speed up your information gathering process significantly. Contact Echo Documentation Solutions for a free quote.

Three Tips for Independent Adjusters to Cut Costs

As an independent claims adjuster, you don’t have an agency with huge resources to fall cost-cuttingback on.In fact, when you factor in your own expenses, pay for independent adjusters can be erratic and a bit nerve wracking. Here are three ways to keep your expenses under control, which will make your life as an independent claims adjuster a bit easier.

Three Steps to Cut Costs

Be as Well Informed As Possible About Claims. No matter what type or types of claims you’re going to handle, it pays to understand what you’re doing and the possible issues and problems that could arise. Not only that, but when you have a solid understanding of the type of claims you’re dealing with, you’ll be able to process them more quickly and complete more claims to increase your success rate. Basically, be as informed and educated about your field as possible.

Lead the Phone Conversation with Claimants. This one kicks in after your claimant has told you the story of what happened. Filing an insurance claim is a stressful experience for the individual on the other end of the phone line. It can help them to give complete information and stay calm when they hear the calm voice of an adjuster who is in control and knows exactly what questions to ask in order to bring about the best outcome for the client.

Consider Hiring Out Some Duties. For an independent adjuster, sometimes the key to success and lower costs is to delegate. When you hire a company for digital transcription services, all you have to do is start the recording and submit it for transcription before moving on to process your next claim. The right transcription company can provide you with copies that are guaranteed accurate.

Keeping costs under control is one factor in a claims adjuster’s success and time is another. Finding a full service transcription company, like Echo Documentation Solutions can help to lessen the stress of working on your own and help you manage your time better.

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Five Tips to Work without a Personal Assistant

dictation transcription servicesIf you’ve worked with a personal assistant (PA) and need to adjust to not having your right-hand person there to help you out, it can be intimidating. There are a few things that you can do to make it easier and help you find your rhythm of working without a PA.

Five Tips to Make Working without an Assistant Easier

Know as Much as Possible.  When you had a personal assistant, you expected that individual to act as your eyes and ears around the company. Now, you’ll have to take on that role.  Gathering information can be as easy as meeting with department heads or having regular staff meetings. End-of-the-day email updates also work well and take less time while you learn how things are going, what’s on their minds and whether they’re finding and dealing with issues or not.

Start Your Day with a Personal Planning Session.  It helps to see what’s going on and to have visual reminders of tasks that you must do.  A prioritized list helps to take some of the pressure away and gives you something to cross off for a sense of accomplishment once a task is done. It also helps you to focus on what’s important in that moment.

Automate Processes with Microsoft Outlook. Bring your IT team in if you don’t know how to work with Outlook. This particular program can help you to filter your email so you’re not spending all day working with email. The program can flag messages to catch your attention or even forward mail to specific individuals without interrupting your work.

Consider Dictation. If you have multiple meetings while you’re working without a personal assistant, recording your meetings and sending them to a company for dictation transcription services can take a time consuming task off of your list. You’ll be able to focus on your meeting, knowing that the recorder is going and you’ll have exact notes soon after.

Dictation is one of those tasks that you can outsource to simplify your workload while you’re not working with a personal assistant. Consider a dictation transcription service that provides certified transcriptions for a range of industries.

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Three Ways to Improve Your Meetings

transcription servicesIn many businesses, the announcement of a meeting is often met with expressions of dread and boredom from employees. Meetings get a bad rap as a major waste of time. However, if you get creative, you can make your meetings more fun, focused, and perhaps most important, shorter.

Bring Energy into Meetings

Announce the Meeting in a Fun Way. If people are expecting a straightforward agenda, shake it up a little. Send a tip sheet on “how to survive the meeting” – for example, parody a list like “how to survive a horror movie.”  Send out a “Top Ten Things You Don’t Want to Miss” notice to announce your agenda.

Hold a Standup Meeting and Use Timers.  To keep meetings short and your employees on track, get rid of the chairs and bring in small egg timers. Have a standup meeting every once in a while. People won’t want to stand there forever, so they’ll focus on the information you’re discussing and engage with their coworkers more. You can also use a 2-3 minute timer to move from topic to topic. Some executives have found that imposing a time limit helps to make their employees more creative. Like the standup meeting, the knowledge that they’re limited to 2-3 minutes of discussion per topic can help employees to focus their attention and communicate more clearly.

Get Rid of Notepads and Pens. Instead of having everyone take notes, hire a company that offers recording and transcription services. This will allow your employees to focus, pay attention and remain engaged as you discuss new projects, goals or everyday business.

If you’re looking for recording and transcription services, you’ll want a company that is reliable and offers a quick turnaround. Contact Echo Documentation Solutions today to find out how they can help you get more out of your staff meetings.

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The Advantages of a Flat “Per Character” Usage Fee Structure for Insurance Transcriptions

For companies in need of insurance transcription services, fee structures are an importantInsurance Transcription consideration. Companies can use a variety of fee structures for these services and if you choose a company using certain pricing models, line per-line pricing, you could see your transcription costs skyrocketing.

Typical Fee Structures
Companies can charge by the minute – using a transcriptionist’s typing time as the basis for their fee. Some charge per transcribed line – either by the number of final transcribed lines or by the number of lines given for transcription. Others use a more cost-effective method and charge per character.

Benefit of Cost-Per-Character Fee Structures
This method is much less expensive than the pay per line method, because there are multiple ways to determine how many characters are in a line and some companies add a per-page charge to transcription projects, on top of the per-line fee.
At companies that charge per character typed, there is typically some flexibility in the length of the document. Some companies charge for each character, convert that into a line count and then multiple the line count by a base rate to determine the full bill. These companies typically don’t bill for pages or fees based on the length of the dictation that a transcriber deals with. As a result, this fee structure typically saves client money.
If you’re looking for a company to provide insurance transcription services, your best bet is to choose one that charges the fewest fees, has fee structure that is clearest and the easiest to understand.

Echo Documentation Solutions offers transcription services for a variety of industries, including transcriptions for insurance purposes. With 14 years in the transcription business and teams of professional transcriptionists and editors available for proofreading, customers get clean, accurate copy every time. Contact us today to discuss your transcription needs.

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What Should Your Business Use to Record Digital Audio?

When it comes to digital recording for digital audio transcription, sound quality is important. There are many digital recording devices to choose from, and most models allow the user to choose from several recording formats. If you’re looking for equipment to record for digital audio transcription, consider these equipment options:digital audio transcription

Digital Portable Recorder. A digital portable recorder can offer professional quality, clear recording. These handheld recorders are easy to use and it’s easy to transfer your recordings from your device to your computer – just plug it into the computer and you’re set. Digital recorders often have a variety of security and operational features, like push button recording, barcode scanning or fingerprint locking.

Computer Dictaphone Microphones. Many Dictaphone microphones are compatible with voice recognition software, which makes transcription simpler. These microphones often have push-button controls.

Mobile Phones. Nearly everyone has a smart phone in their pocket or purse these days. These compact, computer-like devices often have voice recording capability built into the phone. You can settle for this recording method, or, you can find an application for digital dictation. Mobile phones make it easy to record and transmit digital audio files for transcription. Like digital portable recorders, these devices can be plugged into a computer to download recording for transcription. Mobile phones make it easy to transmit digital audio files for transcription, from just about anywhere.

Each system has its pluses and each has its drawbacks. While mobile phones and portable recorders are lightweight and more versatile than computer Dictaphone microphones, transcription from portable recorders can be time consuming. Recording and transmitting files from a cellular phone, whether using a dictation app or the voice recording function is much simpler.

If you’re looking for a bit more information, check out this page. This article explains how digital dictation recorder can make the transcription process much smoother.

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Top 3 Benefits of Web Based Digital Dictation for Corporations

digital dictationFor the purposes of dictation, corporations turn to one of two common choices: An in-house individual who transcribes meetings (in person or via conference calls) or they perform digital dictation using a recording device then turn the audio over to an internal individual for transcription.

Web based digital dictation and transcription provides a new approach to getting transcripts of corporate events including meetings, conference calls, promotional events, interviews and more. It’s a process that allows you to quickly transfer your encrypted audio files through the web. A professional service then processes that audio and sends back a clear and accurate transcript.

The Benefit of Web Based Dictation and Transcription

Speed – Web based dictation offers immediate access to quality dictation transcription services. With automated voice transfer and extraction software any audio is instantly transcribed in a digital format, giving you the transcripts you need in a hurry.

Accessibility – Web based dictation transcription means a corporation can access this type of system anywhere there’s an internet connection. Corporate staff no longer need to mail or hand deliver audio files for transcription. This is especially useful when meetings take place abroad and the audio files have to get back to a person to be processed.

Convenience – Convenience is a gateway to efficiency and increased productivity. With fast, web based digital transcription corporate staff can get back on the job faster without lengthy delays in the transcription process. Increase productivity translates to better use of time and labor, so companies save with web based dictation for corporate transcription.

Fast Efficient Corporate Transcription with Web Based Dictation

Echo Documentation Solutions is a national dictation and transcription solutions and technology provider making transcription faster, less expensive and more accurate. Contact us today to discover how Echo Documentation Solutions’ Dictation and Transcription Services can help you save money and improve employee productivity.

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Top Questions to Ask an Insurance Transcription Company

insurance trancriptionOutsourcing transcription services – especially insurance claim transcription services – can take a big load off busy firms. Decreasing the workload improves productivity, frees up staff for more critical items and ultimately saves on labor costs.

But before moving over to outsourced insurance transcription you should always do your due diligence and ask questions to ensure you’re using the right provider.

Question 1: What’s the turnaround time on insurance transcription?

Companies often state they can provide STAT orders within 24 hours for an extra fee but they rarely state on a website or in marketing materials just how long transcription takes without a STAT order. If you need documents turned around quickly on a consistent basis then be sure to ask what the average turnaround time is so you’re not left holding the bag.

Question 2: Can you explain the workflow?

You’re choosing to outsource, so the process is simplified. The last thing you want is to get involved with a transcription company that has a complex workflow and approval process. This approach requires you to work through multiple touch points and spend more time than necessary to turn around individual orders.

Question 3: How is data kept secure?

If you’re dealing with confidential information with insurance transcription, you want to make sure the provider offers state of the art encryption – which means going beyond just emailing completed documents to you when they’re finished.

Question 4: How do you operate?

Does the transcription provider work with in-house staff or are they more of a middle-man that in turn outsources to freelance transcribers? Do they work with next-generation speech recognition software? You want to fully understand who is working with your data, how they handle it, and the channels it passes through before the final transcripts reach you.

Question 5: Are you and your staff based in the US?

Even companies focused on speech recognition and digital transcription still utilize editors to review items before they’re sent to clients. Whether they only use editors or they also have transcribers on staff, you want to make sure they’re US Based. US Based transcription services have a better understanding of the subtle nuances of American English, our culture, tone, and the context of dialogue based on regions throughout the United States.

Ask the Right Questions to Get the Right Transcription Service

Echo Documentation Solutions is a US Based national dictation and transcription company making transcription faster, less expensive and more accurate. Contact us today to discover how Echo Documentation Solutions’ Dictation and Transcription Services can help you save money and improve employee productivity.

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Overcome Challenges in Workers Compensation Transcription

worker compensation transcriptionFrom insurance transcription to corporate, legal and medical transcription, each has its own unique challenges based on what the transcriber is listening to. Each has its own requirements such as the depth of what is recorded.

Workers compensation transcription is a more challenging subset because it’s not just facts, figures and technical data. Workers comp claims typically revolve around injured (sometimes seriously) employees, and distraught families.

In some cases these claims run into processing issues where they become a legal matter. Because of this, it’s important to choose a professional online transcription service that overcomes common challenges appearing during the workflow process.

The Emotional Challenge – Getting the Right Information

Transcripts for workers comp claims can contain detailed information surrounding traumatic events. While one shouldn’t block out the sensitive nature of these occurrences or turn off their compassion, professional transcribers must be able to focus on the important information without getting caught up or distracted by the humanity of the individual claim. Doing so could result in critical, subtle details that are easy to miss.

Getting Accurate Transcripts

Because workers comp claims are sometimes carried into legal proceedings, accuracy is very important. This can sometimes be a challenge due to the extensive details, investigations and long-winded recounting of events by the employee(s) in question as well as witnesses and other staff. Omitting even small details could dramatically alter the outcome of a claim, as could working with an overseas transcription service that misinterprets context and doesn’t have a grasp on the nuances of American English.

Rapid Completion of Workers Compensation Transcripts

Speed is a gamble with a large number of online transcription services. While an organization or agency might understand the need for a rapid turnaround, many transcription services see it as just another order unless it’s specifically ordered as STAT. Workers comp claims are often time sensitive, so working with a service that provides a guaranteed rapid turnaround is critical to overcome this challenge. Otherwise the employee(s) and their family could be left waiting for much-needed compensation.

Don’t Let Transcription Get in the Way of Claim Processing

Echo Documentation Solutions specializes in insurance transcription services, providing faster, less expensive and more accurate digital transcription services. Contact us today to discover how Echo Documentation Solutions can help you overcome common challenges in processing claims without breaking your budget.

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Why Outsourcing Transcription Overseas Could be Bad for Business

transcription outsourcingTranscription services including medical transcription and legal transcription are big business. It’s a service needed by countless industries and corporations, which has resulted in a boom of overseas agencies offering extremely cheap transcription.

These services, based in countries like India and Pakistan, offer affordable transcription due to the much lower cost of living in these regions. Unfortunately, with the lower rates comes lower quality – among other issues.

Certain industries can be easily outsourced to other regions in the world. For example, regardless of the native tongue programming languages are constant. Computer hardware and software development, coding, graphic design, web design, engineering – these all use universal languages. Transcription, involving American English, is far more difficult to outsource to a region where American English is not the native tongue.

Spending Time and Labor on Corrections – When transcription services are outsourced overseas, it’s not uncommon for a company to have to work with an editor or assign staff to make corrections. In fact, it can take on average four times longer to edit and process a script from a non-native speaker than with a transcript from a native English speaker.

The main reason is due to the fact that a non-native speaker simply doesn’t have the ear for the nuances of American English, or an understanding of the culture and context of the dialogue.

Security Concerns – When working with US based transcription services, an organization can be certain that they’re employing strict practices for the security of data as well as regulatory compliance (such as HIPAA). When utilizing overseas transcription there’s no guarantee that data will be secured, or that confidential information including data related to legal transcription and patient records remains private.

When privacy is compromised there’s always the potential for having to pay damages, fines or worse.

When working with US based transcription services for corporate, legal and even insurance transcription an organization can rest assured they’re getting the most accurate transcription. They will never have to deal with cultural or linguistic issues, and the final transcription follows formatting standards specific to the United States.

Fast and Efficient US Based Transcription Services

Echo Documentation Solutions is a US Based national dictation and transcription making transcription faster, less expensive and more accurate. Contact us today to discover how Echo Documentation Solutions’ Dictation and Transcription Services can help you save money and improve employee productivity.

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