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ASP Hosting

As an Application Service Provider (ASP), Echo Documentation Solutions offers web-hosted transcription management application for managing voice and data applications. A patented workflow process is at the core of numerous capabilities and efficiencies, allowing us to build upon this application to offer complete dictation and transcription business solutions.

Accessible via the Internet, our application allows dictators to transfer digital voice files directly from the desktop, via telephone, or through a web browser. Once in the system, the advanced workflow management features ensure that the voice file is promptly processed through the transcription, editing, electronic signature, routing and delivery processes.

Our hosted transcription management application offers these competitive advantages:

  • No Initial Capital Investment
  • Affordable Flat "Per Minute" Usage Fee Structure
  • Ability to Support In-House or Remote Transcription Staff
  • Dictation & Transcription via Telephone or File Upload/Download
  • Integrated Voice & Text Processing
  • Permanent On-Line Text Archival & Retrieval
  • Web Browser Control of all Management and Reporting Functions
  • Integrated Client Billing and Transcriptionist & Editor Payable Modules
  • Support for Third-Party Integration (HL7, XML, EDI, ADT, etc)
  • Leeching Capabilities from all Legacy Systems and Portable Hand-Held Devices
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Patented Document Workflow Technology for Guaranteed Prevention of Data Loss
  • Automated File Delivery System
  • Optional Custom Report Generation
  • Disaster Recovery Site


Echo Documentation Solutions provides transcription and editing services for clients nationally. Our hosted transcription management application processes hundreds of thousands of lines of dictation monthly, delivering transcribed documents and integrated data into hundreds of hospitals, clinics, insurance offices, law enforcement offices, and information systems daily.