Raising the Bar on Digital Transcription and Dictation Services

digital transcription services, dictation services, audio transcription services Echo Documentation Solutions is a national dictation and transcription solutions and technology provider. Beyond traditional transcription, Echo Documentation Solutions also offers EMR-based documentation services and technologies, and speech recognition. Through a broad network of technology partnerships, Echo Documentation Solutions is positioned to support clients, small and large, in selecting solutions that best match their needs.

Customizable Digital Transcription Services for Any Industry

Our solutions can be customized to work with medical, insurance, law enforcement, legal, government and corporate clients around the world. Our team of professionals has experience in a variety of industries, allowing us to offer a customizable suite of specialized services to suit your needs.

  • Academic Transcription
  • Academic Transcription
  • Legal Transcription
  • Government Transcription
  • Corporate Transcription

Your Audio Transcription is in Good Hands

No matter the industry, your audio transcription should be handled by a professional to preserve the integrity of your data. When you work with Echo Documentation Solutions you'll receive certified transcripts allowing you to search, compare, reference and index your data with ease.

Secure Digital Transcription Service you can Trust

We recognize the importance of privacy and security. We guarantee every piece of data we handle is 100% confidential, and stored using state of the art encryption techniques. From legal confidentiality to HIPAA compliance, Echo Documentation Solutions is your trusted partner for secure audio transcription services.

Why Choose Echo Documentation Solutions

Rapid Completion - When you need dictation services and a quick turnaround on audio transcription, we're at the ready. We offer some of the quickest turnaround on transcription services in the industry without loss of quality or integrity.

Affordable Digital Transcription Services - We've designed our pricing structure to be budget friendly for virtually every business and government entity that requires transcription services.

Secure Transcription - Redundant backups of your data, with industry leading encryption, means we set the standard for secure & confidential transcription services.

Accuracy Guaranteed - Our professionally trained transcription teams have more than 100 years of combined experience in digital and audio transcription, providing our clients with 99% accurate transcriptions or better.

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